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First off, you may want to check out my blog

Especially if–

  • you’d like to hear a few humorous stories and my thoughts about online dating
  • you’re interested in learning more about relationships from a psychological viewpoint, including pathological narcissism, borderline personality disorder, and dealing with psychopaths
  • you’re recovering from a traumatic relationship and would like to find more support as you heal 

There you will find articles covering many of these subjects.


Maybe you’re looking to grow your faith.

 I’ve written three Christian devotionals from an integrated biblical and psychological perspective. Each book can be read as a stand-alone devotional or as part of a small group study. They can be read in any order, depending on your preference.

To make a purchase, click on the image of the book located below, and you will be taken to the Amazon store.

Each book is available in a paperback or Kindle version. Soon there will be Spanish version available of the first devotional, Finding Hope and Healing.

Latest Work

The first draft of my memoir, The Betrayal of Me: Confessions of a Sex Addict’s Wife, is nearly finished. Expect the book to be available next year. 

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Dr. McAvoy's Book


Theresa Steele

Warning: Daily use of this devotional will result in increased peace, mindfulness, and comfort. Includes exercises to focus your journey toward a closer relationship with God.

Karen K

Loved it! It's uplifting, inspiring and I have come out of this study not only closer to my Heavenly Father but hopefully, a slightly better person then when I started it a month ago.

Kindle customer

This was my first time reading one of Kerry's devotionals and I was blown away by it! This devotional was so beautiful and it had me journaling in my prayer journal for hours.